Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to Stop “Free” Text Alerts

Free Globe load. Win free load. Free Games. Free Ringtones. Free Facebook/Twitter.

The sweetest words in the universe, only if these are real you’ll be forever attached to your smartphone.

Here is the ugly truth.

The screenshot above is one of the examples of the network’s text alerts or advisories. These supposedly “free” text advisories. The telecommunication network we’ve mentioned here is not only the culprit. Sadly, every network does this and with a version or cloaking method of their own.

This is one of my pet peeves. I treat them as annoying digital critters or squatters in my inbox. What is my initial response to these automatic alerts? I auto-delete it while wearing a frowning face. Over the course of time, my reaction changed from furious to “duh, whatever” then I execute it with my thumb hitting the erase button. Is it quite a heartless move? Don’t blame me; they (I refer to the texts) deserved it.

Are you not aware these messages are equally heartless? They eat up your precious load. I am not talking from experience but based on the numerous testimonies or complaints posted online. Sometimes complainants call it as “[insert sender’s number here] scammer.” Even if you don’t subscribe on such service they will deduct a few or more pesos from you without your consent. It could be worse once you fell on their trap because they will send you “free” wallpapers/ringtone nonstop. In other words, they will spam to their heart’s content.

If only we could leave without load. The most convenient way of communication is through mobile phones because we could carry it anywhere (your tiles are the “living” witnesses, right?). Nowadays, mobile phones are not limited to call and text. It also has features such as video-calls, internet browsing, chatting, and all web-based related activities we could think of. Unfortunately, we need to load up to enjoy these and we must spend every single peso wisely. Yet, here comes another text advisory ready to ruin our day and charged us unknowingly.

How will you prevent this from happening?  Never subscribe. As long as it doesn’t do anything suspicious behind your back, just ignore it. However, we are curious in nature and the word “free” seem a siren singing to us. For those who want to be freed from their booby traps, follow the instructions below:

To stop a specific service:
1. Text CHECK
2. Send to the 4-digit number
Through this action, you will know what type of service you’re (unwillingly) subscribe of.
3. Text STOP [name of the service]
4. Send to the 4-digit number

Or simply do this:

1. Text STOP ALL
2. Send to the 4-digit number

After this, hopefully, they will stop bugging you.

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