Monday, July 20, 2015

Philippines, a Free Wi-Fi Country

Early March this year the Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines announced that they will be implementing a Free Public Wi-Fi across the Philippine archipelago. It will be launched on July 24,2015 on key areas in Metro Manila.

Target areas of implementation would be public places such as parks, schools, hospitals, train stations, airport, piers, and government offices. This is a broadband internet connection that has an average speed of 256 kbps with a data limit of 50MB daily per user.

If you would come to think of it, 50MB is very small for an average Filipino internet user that only uses the net for FB, research or for playing online games but still it is better to have a slow internet connection than having none at all. It would be a big help specially for under privileged students who do not have enough money to rent on computer shops. Also, having a free public Wi-Fi would mean that we can momentarily stop relying on internet promos of free globe load.

Plus, according to a study made by the world bank, on a 10% increase of national connectivity, 1.38% increase on GDP is contributed to the growth of the economy.

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